Practical, no-nonsense, fast and affordable virtual marketing counsultation and support



I help businesses grow with practical, meaningful marketing advice and support that drives results.
These are the general challenges I can help you with:
  • Brand and marketing strategy & planning
  • Positioning, messaging & communications strategy + content development
  • General marketing guidance, organization and oversight
  • Internal communications and sales enablement strategy
Specifically, as a B2B marketing consultant I can:
  • Help you decide what your brand strategy should be – your unique value; position/message; voice; tone; look n’ feel.
  • Give you general coaching and guidance as well as audit, kick-start, or improve your brand and marketing initiatives.
  • Help you get traction in specific areas like digital and content marketing to build awareness, drive leads, enable the sales team and increase customer loyalty.
  • Provide leadership or support on a contract basis to oversee a marketing department temporarily or to pinch-hit on various projects (e.g., internal & change management communications, product rollout plans, executive & sales presentations, content management processes & workflows, customer interviews for case studies, etc.)
Check out this short video overview of my services and how I can help.

Also read this blog post about when I am or am not a good fit.

“Thanks to Lydia we are, for the first time ever, implementing a solid plan that I am confident will be a boon to our organization’s growth. I highly recommend Lydia as a consultant and partner.”

- C. White, SitePen

“What can I say? Lydia knows her stuff as a marketing strategist and is one of the best I've ever seen.”

- M. Moshkovich. LADezign