How to Meet B2B Marketing Metric Goals with Just One Person — Hint: You Can’t! [INFOGRAPHIC]

B2B Marketing Metrics -Framework to Assess Workload

There are many things to consider if you want to meet a marketing metric goal. One is the staffing model. It should be considered carefully and designed with the strategy and expected workload in mind.

Why? Regardless of whether you outsource or hire, many people with varying skills usually need to be involved to make your marketing efforts successful, whether your sales…

4 Ways a Content Marketing Consultant Can Help B2B Startups

Content Marketing Consultant Project Sample

Businesses are generating more content these days and may hire a content marketing consultant to help. Why?

High-quality content can drive traffic to their website, bring in leads from an ad campaign, and give the sales team an armor for sharing helpful information with top prospects. Marketers, particularly those with smaller budgets and less resources, are challenged to produce content with both…

Marketing Messaging and Copy Are NOT the Same Thing (…And Why You Should Invest in Professional Copywriting)

Content Marketing: Messaging vs Copy

Your Messaging Strategy sets the foundation for what your brand needs to talk about and why. Your Copy however, is more about the how. It’s an outcome of the strategy or general approach you’ve decided about the key messages that need to come across to your audiences.

Consider this: There are often four tiers of planning that drive decisions about the phrases,…

B2B Messaging Platform — Don’t Bother Cuz It’s Likely a Waste of Time

Content Marketing: Messaging vs Copy

Do you know what a Messaging Platform (aka Messaging Framework) is?

In this context a Messaging Platform is a guide to help people in a company or people working on content, be in sync when it comes to talking about the company’s value proposition and offering. It usually includes insights about the target audience, the company’s brand strategy (message, promise, values, etc.),…

Dear B2B Marketing Consultant – What Services Do You Offer?

Lydia's Marketing b2b marketing consulting services overview - lydia's marketing and communication consulting

As a B2B marketing consultant I get asked a lot about what I do and don’t do, because the term “consultant” can mean many things.  I’m sure other consultants do too; everyone has different competencies or experiences that shape what they do and don’t offer.

For the most part I’m a generalist with an emphasis on communications, and my Services page gives…

How to Structure Your B2B Marketing Department When Your Digital Budget Increases

How to Structure a B2B Marketing Department

When your digital budget increases, some questions may cross your mind: Who’s going to do all the work? What skills do we need to hire? Where will we find the right people?  


This article is a follow-up to a post and Infographic I created last year on How to Organize a B2B Marketing Department that showed how to create both Corporate Marketing…

Why I Shy Away from the Term ‘Content Marketing’

Content Marketing Terminology

I don’t like the term Content Marketing because when it’s used with certain people and/or without proper context, it can cause confusion or be potentially meaningless.

It’s a common term among marketers but not my target audience (buyers), i.e. I have never heard a client or prospective client use the term ‘content marketing’, particularly when talking to me in initial conversations…

A Brand Strategy Template for B2B Startups

Brand Strategy Template

This post is geared towards B2Bs building their brand strategy for the first time or wanting to get to market quickly, but it can also be used by businesses wanting to rebrand or go to the next level.

Before delving into your marketing and sales communication plans, you need a framework for what your company’s brand is about and how you want…

How to Optimize Your Website FAQ Content to Get Calls-To-Action

For most websites, whether B2B or B2C, the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) page is merely a spot on the site where the business answers basic questions visitors have about their services.

Yes, the main purpose of an FAQ page is to clear up some confusion about your products and services. But what many businesses don’t realize is that by just answering…

Advice on Virtual Outsourcing — For Both Clients and Freelancers

Want to hire a virtual freelancer or start your own freelancing career? According to Forbes, the size of the global online work industry is expected to grow to $5B by 2018 and it’s expected that more and more corporate teams will include virtual team members.

Working in this model as both a marketing freelancer and a hiring client for my business…