Dear B2B Marketing Consultant – What Services Do You Offer?


As a B2B marketing consultant I get asked a lot about what I do and don’t do, because the term “consultant” can mean many things.  I’m sure other consultants do too; everyone has different competencies or experiences that shape what they do and don’t offer.

For the most part I’m a generalist with an emphasis on communications, and my Services page gives specifics of my offer. But to summarize, here’s how I roll…

Where I add the most value:

I’m mostly a strategist, so that’s why I’m usually hired. I have a strong background in B2B marketing and have a unique understanding of how best to: 1) figure out the ‘story’ and 2) devise a communications plan and content mix that supports brand awareness as well as the sales process, employee engagement and customer loyalty. I’m also a strong project leader and can work on a contract basis to oversee content development, processes, metrics, tactics and people to ensure business goals are met.

Here are specific examples of problems I can help solve…

1. You want to figure out your brand’s position and message.

  • You need help confirming your underlying value and secret sauce as well as your positioning and narrative.
  • You’ve done some research and analysis to start the process of developing your brand’s strategy, but need feedback or guidance from someone who can quickly “get” your business and steer you in the right direction.

2. You know you need to invest heavier in marketing but don’t have a leader to guide you.

  • You have a team that can implement the work but they need strategic guidance from someone who gets B2B, gets sales, and in general is more experienced.

3. You need to develop content to get leads, support the sales team, and build customer loyalty

  • You and your team have lots of ideas, but you’re kind of all over the place and not sure how to prioritize. You need someone to give you structure and you need feedback or an outside perspective on tactical ideas you are considering (e.g. videos, webinars, ebooks, infographics, etc.).

4. You need more narrative content that conveys a ‘story’ about your value proposition.

  • You want to develop case studies, explainer videos, media pitches, press releases, etc., but need extra help (from someone who will easily ‘get’ your business and your customers) to develop a strategy & approach as well as storyboards & scripts. You also need someone to oversee production.

5. Your executives need help developing decks and presentations.

  • You need to create a “story” and present at board, town hall, investor or sales meetings; or you need to create a high-quality presentation for a speaking engagement such as a webinar or industry conference. But you don’t have time to develop it or you need help making your presentations more compelling and dynamic.

6. You need someone to lead your marketing team or oversee projects temporarily.

  • You don’t have budget for a senior marketing leader full-time but once in awhile you need coaching, auditing, planning or managing from someone who is more experienced in strategic principles or the nuances of B2B sales. Or perhaps you need a temporary replacement to lead your team or oversee an important project.

7. You need backup support or extra help to manage time-critical communication projects.

  • You have a content strategy, marketing plan and a team but sometimes need extra help on a contract basis to: 1) oversee and manage content development; 2) coordinate webinars; 3) roll out an important internal communications plan; 3) develop an integrated communications plan to launch a new product or service; 4) maintain important communications such as social media, press releases, newsletters and blog posts.

My favorite thing to do and why:

Brand Strategy is my fave. The reason is that this is the biggest of the big picture considerations (in my opinion) and if you get it right you will grow faster.

  • Brand Strategy means defining what you stand for; your purpose; your secret sauce; your values; your tone—which then informs everything you do and say as a company, including all marketing communications. If business leaders are effective at setting this foundation every investment, decision and activity within the company to serve customers and promote the business, is much easier.

I’m not always a good fit:

Sometimes a full-service agency or specialist may be a better option. Let’s say you have a solid marketing plan with data & key performance indicators and a small team managing it, but you need to focus on a specific area to up your game.

  • For example you need to overhaul your website, audit & update your SEO, or integrate various tools with your website & CRM. For specific areas like these, it is often better to hire a specialist or agency who does nothing but the thing you require.
  • That said, if you are not sure how to direct or manage the scope of work (or the team) for these activities, I can coach ‘on-demand and as needed’ so that you are set up for success and thinking about things the right way.

How I charge:

You could expect to invest between $75-$95/hr, but exact charges will depend on a variety of factors. Here’s what I mean:

  • If I’m hired for a straightforward consulting gig where you just need my advice for a short while, I charge by the hour and you can buy a block of time.
  • If I’m hired to write content or develop presentation decks, I may charge by the hour. Or I may charge a fixed rate based on the piece (e.g. case study, executive deck or video). Or I may charge a monthly fee if it ends up being retainer work.
  • If I’m hired to help develop (as well as implement) a marketing plan and content strategy I’m going to need resources, so my fees will depend on whether I need to bring in subcontractors from my virtual team. I can also oversee the work with your team or your agency partner, but my fees will still vary because execution is where things get hard, and I must ensure I can give sufficient headspace and time to your needs. I offer this capability because many growing companies don’t want to invest in a marketing leader, i.e. they just have worker bees, and therefore need to fill gaps to have someone that’s more experienced steer the ship and help ensure the team is working on the right things in the right way according to the plan.

Hope this overview sheds some light on what I do and offer as a marketing “consultant”. Visit my Services page for more information and feel free to contact me with questions or for more information.

By : Lydia Vogtner

Lydia Vogtner is an independent B2B marketing and communications consultant specializing in marketing, messaging and content strategy.

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