4 Ways a Content Marketing Consultant Can Help B2B Startups

Content Marketing Consultant Project Sample

Businesses are generating more content these days and may hire a content marketing consultant to help. Why?

High-quality content can drive traffic to their website, bring in leads from an ad campaign, and give the sales team an armor for sharing helpful information with top prospects. Marketers, particularly those with smaller budgets and less resources, are challenged to produce content with both…

Dear B2B Marketing Consultant – What Services Do You Offer?

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As a B2B marketing consultant I get asked a lot about what I do and don’t do, because the term “consultant” can mean many things.  I’m sure other consultants do too; everyone has different competencies or experiences that shape what they do and don’t offer.

For the most part I’m a generalist with an emphasis on communications, and my Services page gives…