How to Meet B2B Marketing Metric Goals with Just One Person — Hint: You Can’t! [INFOGRAPHIC]

B2B Marketing Metrics -Framework to Assess Workload

There are many things to consider if you want to meet a marketing metric goal. One is the staffing model. It should be considered carefully and designed with the strategy and expected workload in mind.

Why? Regardless of whether you outsource or hire, many people with varying skills usually need to be involved to make your marketing efforts successful, whether your sales…

How to Structure Your B2B Marketing Department When Your Digital Budget Increases

How to Structure a B2B Marketing Department

When your digital budget increases, some questions may cross your mind: Who’s going to do all the work? What skills do we need to hire? Where will we find the right people?  


This article is a follow-up to a post and Infographic I created last year on How to Organize a B2B Marketing Department that showed how to create both Corporate Marketing…

How to Organize a B2B Marketing Department [Infographic]

Sample B2B Marketing Dept Org Chart

Some companies that are just beginning to shape their marketing function may be confused about the best way to organize their staffing model. Below are some considerations and tips based on my experience in the corporate world as well as in my role as an independent marketing consultant.

There are often several job functions and areas to consider as it relates to…