B2B Lead Generation Nuggets

B2B LeadEvery marketing and sales team member in B2B organizations is interested in generating high quality leads. I believe that (in most cases) the most successful lead generation programs are so because a solid strategic foundation has been laid, there is tight alignment between marketing and sales teams, and there is a strong message and content framework to support campaigns.

There are many articles every day about ideas and tips to improve lead generation activities; here are a few nuggets you may find particularly helpful.

The Most Effective B2B Lead Generation Methods 
This is an informative article from MarketingProfs that breaks down the most effective B2B lead gen tactics as well as methods, challenges and effective brand awareness tactics. It’s based on a survey of 423 B2B sales and marketing professionals, the majority of whom (57%) have marketing budgets under $500K.

The Biggest Missed Opportunity in B2B Lead Generation
This Business2Community article shares a point-of-view about the opportunity to increase leads across all sources by improving brand awareness and perception. It offers a unique perspective on overall B2B marketing approach and is worth the read.

Forrester Research, Inc. Benchmark Report: How Top Marketers Do Lead Generation, Part 1 
This contains nuggets from a December, 2013 Forrester report to benchmark what top-performing marketers do. For example, top performers use different tactics across the sales stages.

8 Lead Generation Landing Page Tips 
For some tips at a more tactical level, this is a great presentation from ion interactive on creating and testing landing pages to fill the funnel with more high quality leads. It also serves as a reminder that no matter the lead gen tactic, it should start with a great message and content.

By : Lydia Vogtner

Lydia Vogtner is an independent B2B marketing and communications consultant specializing in brand, messaging and content strategy.

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