A Brand Strategy Template for B2B Startups

Brand Strategy Template

This post is geared towards B2Bs building their brand strategy for the first time or wanting to get to market quickly, but it can also be used by businesses wanting to rebrand or go to the next level.

Before delving into your marketing and sales communication plans, you need a framework for what your company’s brand is about and how you want…

Tips for B2B Startups: A Process to Develop Your B2B Brand and Messaging Strategy

Are you a business-to-business (B2B) company that needs to create or revamp your brand and messaging strategy?

I specialize in helping B2B startups and small companies develop or revamp their brand story and messaging approach, and one of the most difficult things to explain is the process. I recently wrote a blog post called 4 Easy Tips to Develop Effective Messaging…