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I help businesses grow with practical, meaningful marketing advice and support that drives results.

“Insane value. Incredible personality. I will definitely be working with Lydia again.”

- J. Klenoff, Helm

“Thanks to Lydia we are, for the first time ever, implementing a solid plan that I am confident will be a boon to our organization’s growth. I highly recommend Lydia as a consultant and partner.”

- C. White, SitePen

“Lydia formulated a long-term marketing strategy for our commercial services to include digital marketing, public relations and event planning; and we now have a healthy pipeline to manage. I would highly recommend Lydia’s services – she’s smart, focused and helps you take a step back and see the big picture.”

- W. Bryant, Generations Federal Credit Union

“In just a few months Lydia kick-started amazing content and got our social media engine running. Any organization will greatly benefit from her enthusiasm and knowledge.”

- T. Washington, UnitedLayer

“I highly recommend Lydia as a marketing consultant, coach and content strategist. She's been very valuable and is everything her profile claims: practical, no-nonsense, fast, and affordable.”

- F. Curcelli, LiberCloud

“Lydia has been an invaluable resource in providing insightful consultation for our firm's marketing efforts. Her understanding of the marketplace and its trends helped develop strategic messaging to address our top priority of growth. We are looking forward to an ongoing partnership with her.”

- E. Burick, Burick Communication Design

“Lydia is a great resource for growing organizations. She was very professional, helpful and fantastically attentive to our unique needs. Looking forward to working with her again.”

- D. Harris, Zaqq Media Partners

“I found Lydia to be a marketing breath of fresh air when creating a strategic marketing plan for our clients. Lydia understands senior level marketing fundamentals & concepts and explains them well verbally and in presentations. We will have a long relationship with her.”

- C. Lamb, MPS&IT Consulting

“Lydia is a real pro and has helped me to quickly gain clarity around my brand messaging and my story. I will work with Lydia again and can see me recommending her services to others.”

- R. White, The Accidental Salesman

“If you need help figuring out the story for your brand and content for your website, Lydia will get it done. And she’ll be focused like a laser beam to accomplish it quickly; to your full satisfaction.”

- M. Preuss, High Impact Metrics

“Lydia possesses the unique combination of big picture, conceptual thinking plus the ability to effectively execute on a marketing strategy, by working with and through others. She is a fantastically collaborative communicator and leader, and adept at using her creativity to push beyond the usual ways of doing business.”

- A. Young, Schwab Institutional

“Lydia’s marketing expertise and the results it brings to the sales team is excellent; she knows what to do and gets it done. I thoroughly enjoyed working with her.”

- K. Peterson, UnitedLayer

“Lydia's marketing talent is considerable. In a short time she added significant value by developing a meaningful message about our software solution for the natural gas industry.”

- A. Srivastava, Blackstone Technology Group

“Lydia helped move the SPECIAL brand forward in a way no one had ever done before. She put structure around our big vision, and helped us get a story in the marketplace about our unprecedented film’s mission that has generated interest we would not have received otherwise.”

- A. P. Meredith. Writer/Director/Producer. Swordfish Productions