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Tips for B2B Marketing Effectiveness (Videos and Infographics)

Here you will find video versions and Infographics of select posts from my blog.

Educational videos

Brand and Messaging Strategy: 4 Tips for Great B2B Content and Communications

4 easy tips to develop an effective brand story and messaging approach. Also download this handy INFOGRAPHIC.

Process to Create a Brand Strategy

Basic steps to figure out your company’s brand strategy.

Why Content Matters in B2B Marketing

Tips and examples of the brands that have been successful with content marketing.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) About B2B Marketing

Essential basics on the marketing planning process.

Drive Sales with B2B Marketing Webinars That Stand Out

Four simple ideas to get more out of your webinar investment.

Lead Nurturing: Is It Part of Your B2B Marketing Plan?

Opportunities and considerations for lead nurturing in B2B marketing.

Low-Hanging Fruit to Drive Sales

Ideas to drive sales in parallel to building large-scale B2B marketing plans.

promotional videos

Overview of Lydia’s B2B Marketing and Communication Consulting Services

Quick, lively video on my services and how I can help B2B companies grow.