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Content Marketing and Strategic Communications

With experience as both a content marketing consultant and corporate marketer I can help with content strategy, communication frameworks, project planning, storyboarding, writing, etc. as well as the latest trends on content marketing and its impact on sales.
Reach out if these things are on your mind:
  • I need help deciding a messaging strategy that helps us stand out and can be translated to all communications (internal as well as external)
  • I need a good storyteller to help bring our brand story to life and recommend or oversee a content development plan.
  • I don’t have the time or skill to create high quality slide presentations for webinars, speaking engagements, sales presentations, executive & board meetings, etc.
  • Our business is complicated; we need someone with strong business acumen and experience to develop narrative content about our value proposition- such as case studies, media pitches, blog posts, presentations, videos, eBooks, etc.
  • We are an agency or consulting firm in need of strong content marketing consultants and subcontractors to help us develop our client’s content strategy.
  • We have a team of designers and writers, but we need someone who understands B2B to guide the strategy, plan and workflow and to oversee the execution and ROI.
  • We are a large company that regularly needs temporary support to roll out internal change management & communications plans that engage employees, improve productivity or help the sales team sell.
I can help you:
  • Create a messaging framework that will bring consistency to how you talk about your value proposition. (learn more about the process you can expect)
  • Figure out a good story for your brand with ideas on how to bring it to life through content.
  • Drive the content strategy for your website, videos, case studies, webinars, podcasts, press releases, etc.
  • Create detailed project plans or oversee the content development workload with your team.
  • Oversee your social media to make sure your brand’s voice is coming through in a strategic way.
  • Develop communication workflows to enable the sales team’s drip campaigns.
  • Develop professional, visually-compelling executive decks and sales or webinar presentations.
  • Serve as a marketing coach to team members less confident in strategic content marketing or the nuances of B2B sales.
  • Give objective feedback on the team’s content ideas, plans or drafts.
  • Choose and integrate content management or analytical tools.
  • Develop and roll out internal communication and change management plans.
Video Blog on considerations for B2B content marketing and examples of brands that have been successful.

“In just a few months Lydia kick-started amazing content and got our social media engine running. Any organization will greatly benefit from her enthusiasm and knowledge.”

- T. Washington, UnitedLayer

“If you need help figuring out the story for your brand and content for your website, Lydia will get it done. And she’ll be focused like a laser beam to accomplish it quickly; to your full satisfaction.”

- M. Preuss, High Impact Metrics

“Lydia's marketing talent is considerable. In a short time she added significant value by developing a meaningful message about our software solution for the natural gas industry.”

- A. Srivastava, Blackstone Technology Group

“Lydia leveraged her expertise, communication skills and focus to ramp up our marketing efforts. It was a great joy to see more changes rolled out in the last couple of months than in preceding years.”

- P. Preuss, UnitedLayer