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Marketing Planning

Worried about how you will make your presence known, generate traffic, and hold or accelerate interest once you do?
Some other questions that may be on your mind:
  • What are we doing right, what do we need to improve and what do we need to completely revamp?
  • How do I get started or evolve with digital marketing, content marketing, social media and social selling?
  • How can we better enable our Sales team to further conversations and deepen engagement?
  • How should I allocate my budget — e.g., how much should I invest in our website, content development, SEO/SEM, and events? Do I need paid advertising or can I drive interest organically?
  • Should I retain a PR firm to increase our footprint?
  • What type of content do I need to get web traffic and inbound leads?
  • What tools do I need to manage projects, organize data and analyze ROI?
  • There’s so much to do — where should I start; what tactics should I focus on immediately?
I can help you:
  • Audit what you’re currently doing and make achievable recommendations to improve results.
  • Create a marketing plan for key objectives (e.g. to drive inbound leads, create content, launch a product) with specific tasks, dependencies, timeline and estimated costs.
  • Help oversee implementation (e.g. if you have worker bees who need guidance/feedback from someone who knows B2B and in general is more senior/experienced).
  • Decide the potential role of various channels and methods that make sense for B2B, e.g. the role of your website vs. paid advertising and PR.
  • Kick start your social media foundation (based on how it fits in your marketing mix), and train you on how to manage and optimize it as a channel.
  • Figure out low-hanging-fruit, organizational & infrastructure considerations, expected ROI.
Video Blog on low hanging fruit to support sales efforts

“Lydia formulated a long-term marketing strategy for our commercial services to include digital marketing, public relations and event planning; and we now have a healthy pipeline to manage. I would highly recommend Lydia’s services – she’s smart, focused and helps you take a step back and see the big picture.”

- W. Bryant, Generations Federal Credit Union

“I found Lydia to be a marketing breath of fresh air when creating a strategic marketing plan for our clients. Lydia understands senior level marketing fundamentals & concepts and explains them well verbally and in presentations. We will have a long relationship with her.”

- C. Lamb, MPS&IT Consulting

“Lydia’s marketing expertise and the results it brings to the sales team is excellent; she knows what to do and gets it done. I thoroughly enjoyed working with her.”

- K. Peterson, UnitedLayer

“Lydia leveraged her expertise, communication skills and focus to ramp up our marketing efforts. It was a great joy to see more changes rolled out in the last couple of months than in preceding years.”

- P. Preuss, UnitedLayer