Videos Rock in B2B Marketing — Golden Nuggets to Up Your Game

video-marketingVideos are now viewed as the fifth most effective content type to reach B2B audiences according to a recent survey from the B2B Technology Marketing Community on LinkedIn.

But like any other marketing tactic, to produce meaningful results a game plan is needed – not only for what the video will be about, but for its role in the overall marketing/sales strategy and plan.

If you are considering more investment in video to support your B2B marketing goals and/or want to up your game, following are some golden nuggets on considerations and tips as it relates to B2B video marketing – on the strategic side as well as the tactical.

How Video Plays a Crucial Role in the Rise of Content Marketing
This is a nice overview for those wanting big picture advice or validation on: a) why it’s important to include video content for C-Suite buyers; b) how video analytics help improve video content and; c) why video is the rising star for content marketing ROI.

How to Use Video Content to Drive Awareness, Leads, and Sales: A Guide
Good resource to prove to stakeholders that B2B video marketing is effective and popular, and that trends are expected to continue. Nice highlights from the Content Marketing Institute that back up this claim.

Recap of MarketingProf’s Seminar “Marketing with Video”
This article from Business2Community responds to the B2B marketer challenge to efficiently budget for and integrate video into their strategies. It references MarketingProfs’ July 2013 virtual conference titled Marketing with Video, with three case-study presentations by industry leading marketers.

B2B Video: It’s Not About Going Viral – It’s About Being Relevant 
I love this post from Business2Community. It points out that B2B video is not like B2C (where the goal is often about pleasing the masses); that it’s about engaging directly with a smaller audience that is in a position to benefit from what you provide, and delivering a compelling message that your target audience needs to hear. It also includes some great actionable tips to make an effective video.

8 Reasons Your B2B Video Marketing Stinks
This post from Canyon Communications points out that 75% of business executives regularly watch work-related video. It uses questions to help folks consider whether they are leveraging best practices to get the results they are expecting, e.g. “Do you use video marketing as a corporate megaphone?”

The Kind of Video You Should Create for Your Business
A common theme when researching video marketing is that many agree it’s a winning tactic, but few have a good sense for what kind of video content to produce. This Whiteboard Friday video from Moz shows some great examples of where to start.

3 Must-Try Rockstar Video Marketing Ideas
On the practical side, this article from CrazyEgg shares some tips and ideas to help folks with smaller budgets think outside the box while staying focused on conversion and engagement.

New B2B Content Consumption Habits In An Ever-Changing Advertising Funnel
Search Engine Land talks about the big-picture fact that B2B marketing is all about content in general, and how B2B content consumption habits have changed to inform new habits as it relates to successful PPC advertising campaigns. It also highlights the fact that producing professional content is resource-intensive and can potentially lead to a gap in your marketing strategy if not done correctly.

Image Source: Find Your Search via Creative Commons

By : Lydia Vogtner

Lydia Vogtner is an independent B2B marketing and communications consultant specializing in marketing, messaging and content strategy.

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