Practical, no-nonsense, fast and affordable virtual marketing counsultation and support

B2B Marketing Strategy Consultant

Looking for a high quality, no-nonsense B2B marketing consultant to help with your marketing and communication strategy? If you are shopping for consultants or freelancers and want to work with someone who's experienced and authentic, I'm a good resource.
Strategic consultation services

B2B marketing strategy can mean many things. The support I offer is mainly brand, messaging, and communications strategy for small B2Bs going to market for the first time or wanting to get to the next level.

With a marketing background that is 100% B2B as both a corporate marketer and freelance consultant, I have an exceptional understanding of best practices, how things get done, and how to get results.

Specific ways I can help
  • Compile and distill research and strategic insights that can/should inform your strategy.
  • Advise on segmentation, brand positioning, messaging, content strategy, and metric goals.
  • Oversee strategic execution of important content and communications such as your website, pitch deck, and case studies.
  • Coach you when you’re not sure how best to execute or manage your marketing strategy.


Quick and lively video overview

How I can I help as a marketing strategy consultant.