Practical, no-nonsense, fast and affordable virtual marketing counsultation and support

B2B Marketing Strategy Consultant

Looking for a high quality, no-nonsense B2B marketing consultant to help with your marketing and communication strategy? If you are shopping for consultants or freelancers and want to work with someone who's experienced and authentic, I can be a good resource.
What I do

I am a B2B marketing strategy consultant specializing in brand, content and communications strategy. I can also advise you on what’s involved to execute and manage large projects (so that you get the results you are expecting).

Services I offer
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Ways I can help
  • Audit what you’re doing and give you a fresh perspective with recommendations to improve for better results.
  • Compile research and strategic insights; help you decide on segmentation, brand positioning, messaging and content strategy, and metric goals.
  • Help you fine tune your messaging, brand identity, website and content strategy.
  • Help you get organized, put structure around your vision, bounce around ideas and crystallize your thinking.
  • Be a resource to your team to answer burning questions or to give advice in areas where you have little confidence on what direction to take.
  • Help make sure you’re being realistic about what you want/need to do, and give you tips on how to better manage execution and keep your spending down.
  • Give tips for improved organizational design, processes and workflow.
Quick and lively video overview

Brief video on how I can I help as a marketing consultant.