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Marketing & Communications Consultant - San Francisco Bay Area - Lydia Vogtner

About Lydia's Marketing and Communication Consulting

LydiaI am a tenured marketing consultant and communications strategist located in the San Francisco area with 20 years experience working for some of the best brands and with some of the best talents. My experience is mostly in business-to-business (B2B) technology/IT and financial services industries in both sales and marketing roles.

So why did I become a marketing consultant? I’d noticed over the years that when it comes to marketing & communications there are many specialists, opinions, and ways to achieve goals. The problem is there can be a lot of noise and inertia because everyone thinks they know what to do but often don’t or there is a lack of organization and leadership around the budget, process and workload. Many are not sure how to organize and manage the work that’s needed to reach a metric goal and the various skills and talents required. It’s these practical aspects of marketing I’m most passionate about, so I decided to consult full time to help companies bridge the gap between strategy and execution.

For more information on when I am (or am not) a good fit, read ‘Dear Marketing Consultant: What Services Do You Offer?’

How I’m different

With experience in both marketing and communications strategy and execution, and a deep understanding of the front-line experience and the B2B sales process, I ‘get it’ at a practical level few possess. I understand multiple points-of-view about marketing having worked in many corporate functions–sales; product management; marketing strategy & planning; content strategy & communications; public relations; project management.

What I do best

My sweet spots are brand, messaging, and content & communications strategy. Read Dear B2B Marketing Consultant for more insight about what I do (and don’t do).