Practical, no-nonsense, fast and affordable virtual marketing counsultation and support

Independent Marketing Consultant

Looking for an independent marketing consultant and content strategist to help solve your marketing challenges?
I help companies develop effective brand, marketing, and communication strategies. I specialize in business-to-business (B2B) marketing and provide high quality consultation to a variety of businesses across the globe.

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Services I offer


Who I Serve
Well-Funded Startups

If you’re a business just beginning to form your marketing strategy and approach (with a dedicated budget), I can help you shape your brand story and communications plan. I can also provide results-oriented consultation and support for messaging, content development, social media and campaign design.

Small Businesses and Non-Profits

Small businesses and non-profits often need the same expertise as large companies but don’t have the deep pockets. My model is simple yet effective marketing and communications consultation that doesn’t cost as much. If you’re a small business with a vision and are willing to dedicate some time and budget to the marketing function I can help shape, build and oversee your marketing plan and content.

Medium-Sized Businesses

If your business is growing, your marketing needs are evolving and you need outsourced support for your team, I can provide strategic coaching, temporary leadership or general workload overflow support.

Marketing Agencies, Consulting Firms and Enterprise B2B Companies

If you are an agency or consulting firm in need of marketing subcontractors or a large company needing communications contractors short-term to help meet objectives, I can be a good resource.

Quick and lively video overview

Brief video on how can I help with B2B marketing services. Visit the Testimonials page too.

Read ‘Dear Marketing Consultant: What Services Do You Offer?‘ on when I am (or am not) a good fit. Or download this brochure for an overview of my offer.

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A Different Approach to Independent Marketing Consulting

This press release from my company launch in October 2012 explains why I became an independent marketing consultant. Also visit the About section to get to know me a little better.

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