Practical, no-nonsense, fast and affordable virtual marketing counsultation and support


B2B Marketing & Communications Workload Overflow Support

Are these things on your mind?
  • I need backup support to help with content strategy, planning and development.
  • I know what to do but need extra help managing content that requires strong business acumen (like case studies, sales or executive presentations and video tutorials).
  • I need help deciding the best organizational structure for our team. I also need strategic coaching and guidance.
  • We are a marketing agency serving B2B companies and are always on the look-out for good marketing planners and brand or content strategists to help us meet demanding timelines.
  • We need someone to drive internal communications strategies for change management initiatives or product and tool rollouts that affect employee productivity and engagement.
I can fill a gap and help with things like:
  • Strategic coaching
  • Brand strategy, positioning, messaging
  • Marketing planning
  • Social media
  • Content strategy, process workflows and development
  • Strategy, planning and customer interviews for case studies
  • Strategy, storyboards and scripts for videos or Slideshares
  • Sales, executive and webinar or event presentations
  • Campaign design and oversight
  • Project leadership and management
  • Internal and change management communications