Practical, no-nonsense, fast and affordable virtual marketing counsultation and support


B2B Marketing Communications Freelancer

If you are a marketing agency, website design firm, or lead gen consultant that needs extra help to meet the needs of clients in business-to-business (B2B) industries, I can be a good resource to fill a gap or help with tactics ongoing.

Use Cases

Are any of these things on your mind?

  • We specialize in web design and need a brand and marketing strategist to work with our clients to decide their story and messaging approach.
  • We are a marketing agency and could use some extra help shaping our clients’ positioning and messaging strategy.
  • We produce significant content for B2B clients and need content strategy support from someone who understands the B2B mindset and best practices.
  • Our clients often need fully integrated communication plans. We need help from someone that specializes in the planning process.
  • We are a presentation design firm that often needs a communications strategist to work with our clients to develop the outline, story and content for high caliber slide presentations (e.g. for speaking engagements, webinars, sales meetings or executive & board meetings).

How I can help

  • Work with your clients to shape their brand story and messaging approach.
  • Develop content strategies and messaging frameworks as well as oversee content production and ensure everything is integrated.
  • Partner with your clients to decide the message, story arc, and content for executive decks and sales presentations.
  • Decide and create narrative content that requires strong business acumen to do it well, e.g., press releases, case studies, explainer videos, and educational articles.
  • Help plan and oversee integrated communications plans that ensure your clients’ customers as well as employees are being communicated to in a strategic, consistent way.

If you need a B2B marketing consultant or freelancer and are not an agency or consulting firm, visit my Services page to learn how I help clients directly.

“I found Lydia to be a marketing breath of fresh air when creating a strategic marketing plan for our clients. Lydia understands senior level marketing fundamentals & concepts and explains them well verbally and in presentations. We will have a long relationship with her.”

- C. Lamb, MPS&IT Consulting