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Temporary B2B Marketing Leadership and Management


Have these needs come up in your company? 

  • I need an experienced B2B professional to oversee the marketing workload temporarily or to coordinate and support vendors and staff.
  • I need a part-time or temporary strategic leader or champion for my marketing charter and team.
  • Our marketing needs are evolving. I need someone experienced in B2B planning to ensure the team is organized effectively and that we are taking a strategic, integrated approach.
  • I need someone to create a marketing communications plan for the team to work from (including internal communications).
  • I need a content strategist and coach who can direct the team on how to build content that will get results.

“Lydia possesses the unique combination of big picture, conceptual thinking plus the ability to effectively execute on a marketing strategy, by working with and through others. She is a fantastically collaborative communicator and leader, and adept at using her creativity to push beyond the usual ways of doing business.”

- A. Young, Schwab Institutional