B2B Video Content Marketing – Strategies & Best Practices

Text that says make the most of video marketingVideos are a great way to tell brand stories, share customer successes, explain products & services, and get seen in the marketplace. And, more B2B companies are incorporating videos into their marketing compared to 10+ years ago.

In fact, the Content Marketing Institute (CMI) reported in 2023 that videos continue to be the top B2B content investment. CMI also stated in 2022 that webinars were tops as the type of video format that produced the best results.

B2Bs that get results from video investments usually do so because they have a precise strategy about:

  1. Why and how videos will be used
  2. How their success will be measured
  3. How they’ll fit into the broader marketing and communication plan.

Tips and Industry Resources

Focus on the funnel

Success with videos can be influenced by a buyer’s stage in their decision-making process and on where they hang out to do their research and find content. Discover Gartner’s insights about this along with funnel-based strategies and best practices for optimizing B2B video marketing.

Know your type

Promos, storytelling, and demos are the most common B2B video types according to Vimeo.

In their article about finding success with short-form video, Forbes highlights the importance of capitalizing on authentic, “snackable” video content, as well as considering social vs. on-site experience. They also state that 74% of B2B marketers get a good return on video investment and that 91% feel video is even more important for brands since the pandemic.

Tune into the right channel

Channel optimization is another area to think through and get right. Make sure you’re optimizing your videos by distributing them through channels that are relevant to the target audience you built the video for in the first place. Going Clear’s Best Practices To Optimize Your B2B Video Marketing gets into this, along with similar best practices as those mentioned above.

Key takeaway

Use the above best practices to create and distribute B2B videos that drive awareness, engagement, and sales. And if you need help deciding your strategic content plan and video’s place in it, contact me.


By : Lydia Vogtner

Lydia Vogtner is an independent B2B marketing and communications consultant specializing in brand, messaging and content strategy.

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