Metrics Matter, Particularly with an Integrated B2B Marketing Plan

stack of coins increasing in sizeAll marketers know metrics matter, particularly in the world of online marketing where measurement is more easily obtained. But if you have a multi-layered, integrated marketing plan across online and offline channels, it is even more critical to have a thoughtful strategy on what you’re measuring and why. And to consider whether you are set up properly to integrate and synthesize metrics (for a clear picture of winning tactics and whether they are effectively working together to drive business outcomes).

So, consider integration when formulating your ROI measurement strategy.  Think through what defines success, build a framework around that and work to fill resource or infrastructure gaps to make sure you can deliver on it.

  • Consider your baseline metric requirements — what you should measure; what you can measure; what you wish you could measure; what you absolutely must measure; and what you will measure qualitatively vs quantitatively.  Use this as a tool to fill gaps or to facilitate discussions with senior management about key barriers.
  • Consider the role of your online marketing and what it is intended to do. For example, is it to drive brand awareness; deepen engagement; drive leads to the sales force; or is its role direct conversion? If the plan has multiple goals, develop a metrics map to show how different tactics measure different things and structure it so that you can connect the dots to assess impact to the business.
  • Similarly, consider the role of your offline tactics. For example – trade shows, speaking engagements, call center activity, networking with centers of influence, and sales events. Develop an offline metrics map and gap analysis, and combine with the online portion for a holistic view of your measurement strategy and dependencies.

The point is – don’t forget to consider your metrics individually as well as in total, to help develop a holistic point-of-view on your plan’s impact to the business. Below are some great resources to help you with metrics and analytics.


By : Lydia Vogtner

Lydia Vogtner is an independent B2B marketing and communications consultant specializing in brand, messaging and content strategy.

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