Why I Like MailChimp for B2B Email Marketing

The short answer is: I like MailChimp because I was able to build and launch an E-Newsletter campaign within 30 minutes of opening an account. It’s that easy.

I’m familiar with MailChimp’s brand, but had never used their platform. As an independent marketing consultant, I am a do-it-yourselfer who must build and manage my own marketing to promote my B2B marketing services, as well as consult with businesses that market technology and/or other services.

So I wanted to test MailChimp through both lenses, and am pleased to say, I will likely use them again.

Four things struck me about MailChimp:

1. They deliver on these brand promises
easy email newsletters and a delightful experience

How I found these to be true:

a) I set up a Newsletter using their basic right side-bar template where all I had to do was insert my header and logo images, write some text and insert links for my social media buttons and call-to-action. Super easy drag n’ drop.

b) Their emails render well on various email clients, and on mobile devices too. Thumbs up to that.

mobile phone in hand

c) Should you need it, they provide a nice collection of designer templates (which can be found on their website under Templates for Everyone).

depictions of email templates

d) They have an easy-to-figure-out reporting system that lets you quickly measure engagement with an email campaign.


2. There are other bells and whistles as well, and some helpful educational tools such as:

  • How to Avoid Spam Filters guide. This provides great tips on how to protect the innocent (good marketers who send permission-based emails). Although I’ll admit I still haven’t mastered this problem.
  • Tools to advance your ability to make data-driven decisions. For example, A/B testing and Google Analytics integration.

3. They have a free version
Since my prospecting and account base is small, this is perfect. As my list and business needs grow, I’ll be happy to upgrade if the benefits are there (given they’ve delivered on the initial brand promise of easy-to-use).

4. They have personality and use marketing best practices
I get tired of stodgy tech brands and often choose to engage with a brand based on the fun factor, their commitment to customer experience, and whether they “speak to me”. MailChimp hooked me because they are fresh and different. For example:

a) They use unique and fun design to stand out. You have to admit their mascot Freddie the chimp is pretty differentiating.

b) They use messaging that is clear, straightforward, with a friendly tone that is to the point and all about the customer.

c) They lighten things up.

This is an example of a rotating message in their campaign portal. It has nothing to do with email or campaigns (“time for a kitten break”), and it links to a video or piece of content that’s just fun.

kitten playing on bed

Not sure about you, but this is the kind of stuff that wins me over (as long as the product delivers of course).

d) Their company culture and belief system comes through as you experience their content (without any executive videos I might add). For example, they strike the balance to speak about their customers as well as what potential customers will likely care about.

Even though I haven’t used all of MailChimp’s features or know how everything works — and even though there are many fine platforms out there to accomplish similar results…

The point is: MailChimp delivered on their promise to make my experience easy and delightful, and therefore I will come back to learn more. I’m now an engaged prospect because my first brand experience was a good one.

By : Lydia Vogtner

Lydia Vogtner is an independent B2B marketing and communications consultant specializing in brand, messaging and content strategy.

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